Oli Crump

Freelance Sound Engineer, System
Technician, and Photographer

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Hello, I'm a freelance Sound Engineer, Sound System Technician, and Photographer, based in southampton and working all over the UK. I graduated from Southampton University in 2016, where I studied Acoustical Engineering (BEng) and was the President of the Photographic Society.

In my work as a sound engineer, I currently work regularly for a major local PA company, providing industry-leading service and equipment to clients. I'm also empolyed by several local venues as a casual technician, and various other companies as a freelancer. My main roles include both FOH and Monitor mixing, rigging and tuning L'Acoustics and D&B speaker systems, RF microphone co-ordination, and patching microphone lines on festival stages and large tours.

As a Photographer, I'm constantly on the lookout for new experiences, and enjoy the challenge created by the mix of technical and creative skill that is required. My main areas of current experience include covering live music concerts and festivals, providing press and marketing images of theatrical productions for their respective companies, and covering private functions. On my own time, I like to experiment with new areas of photography, and have significant experience with swimming, long exposure and travel photography.

I'm always striving to get better at everything that I do, by means of research, experimentation, working experience, and formal training. Do let me know if you're interested in my skills and I'd be happy to discuss any oppotunities you may have.

Below; links can be found to my Linkedin profile, photography facebook page, and photography website (which I'm in the process of updating!).

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I'll normally reply within a day, but sometimes it takes longer if I'm particularly busy, or lost in the dark ages (without internet).